About Us



Nice to meet you! Hi, I'm Bernadette. I used to work in Fashion PR & Marketing in London for the last 23 years. On December 2016, three days before Christmas, my husband and I finally got the keys to our first home together. Our dream of owning a Victorian house by the sea was finally becoming a reality, but to say that when we moved we had a lot of stuff, might just be a tad bit of an understatement!. Yikes!.

It soon became clear that we would have to get creative with storage…erm, because we had none! And anyway I wanted to celebrate the things I had, not hide them away in horrible plastic boxes, and so began the Forest Fox adventure…my quest for storage that is colourful, versatile, and affordably stylish!.

It wasn't easy at first and after a few months of hawking around different homeware shops and vintage markets to find my dream storage in the colours and styles I wanted, I finally arrived at an answer - I'll make my own bespoke handcrafted seagrass baskets! Colourful pom poms, gold and silver...Forest Fox! 'Erm, what?' said my husband. But it was too late, my idea had already started to take shape and become a reality...

Fast forward to now, all our baskets are handcrafted products made from natural and eco-friendly seagrass, and are handcrafted in a traditional way rather than being soullessly mass produced in factories. No one basket is the same, sizing and colour vary slightly which adds to the baskets' uniqueness.

Our pom-poms have a handmade vibe and are lovingly spun, trimmed and coiffured at 'Fox HQ'. We also celebrate colour in a big way here too and offer a variety of options, allowing you to compliment your interior style and enhance your home beautifully - an eco-friendly alternative to conventional plastic boxes!.

We partner with traditional craftspeople and artisans in Vietnam and we continue to nurture our relationships with our friends there for creating fair trade, eco-friendly quality baskets.

We hope you find your perfect pom pom basket at Forest Fox!

Bernadette x